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WCAG 2.0 (AA) Website ADA Accessibility for Banks and Credit Unions

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Banks are being threatened with lawsuits because their websites do not meet current ADA accessibility standards for people with disabilities. The standard that the lawsuits are referring to is WCAG 2.0 (AA), which is a series of guidelines and technical requirements that a website must meet in order to deliver an optimal experience to users who are blind or have other impairements. In this post I'll answer some of the frequently asked questions about WCAG 2.0 (AA) and how it relates to bank and credit union websites.

Extending the Kentico BizForm Recorded Data Grid

Posted by Matt Davis

In our custom development of Kentico based solutions we are often creating new modules or extending existing modules to provide easy to use features for our clients. Recently I was trying to improve a few custom BizForm actions that I had directly wired into BizFormEditData.ascx and its code behind. These few bits of custom code hadn’t caused any issues yet with hotfixes, but it was time to improve these ideas and separate them out from the Kentico core files.

WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Leads to Panama Papers Leak

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Security researchers have pointed the finger at a WordPress plugin as the root vulnerability that allowed hackers to execute the data theft that resulted in the Panama Papers leak. This further reinforces our recommendation to financial institutions that WordPress is a risky web platform for banks and credit unions to use for any public-facing websites.

Kentico SEO Toolkit Makes Bulk Editing Page Titles and Descriptions Easier

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Kentico makes editing page title and meta description tags easy, but if you're performing frequent editing of large numbers of pages as part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, then using the CMS user interface can be a slow process. We developed an SEO tool to make this easier for ourselves and this week we've decided to make it available for free to anyone using Kentico 9.

Best Practices for Launching Live Chat for Banks and Credit Unions

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Live, text-based chat is a standard feature on nearly all large, profitable eCommerce websites today. Banks and credit unions are also finally starting to see the value in quickly connecting with prospective and existing customers using live chat systems on their websites; however, many banks and credit unions are not sure how best to get started. Let's examine a few good practices to get started.
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