ADA Accessibility for Websites

Human analysis by visually impaired professionals for bonafide accessibility

We develop websites that conform to WCAG 2.1 (A), (AA), and (AAA) standards. We also provide validation services and will help your existing site meet compliance regulations.

WCAG 2.1 (AA)

We have been providing guidance and development services to financial institutions on website accessibility since 2001. We provide a three step process for helping banks and credit unions meet ADA accessibility compliance on their websites:

1. Analyze 

We perform an in-depth analysis using a combination of automated scanning tools and expert human review of every page in your website by both sighted and visually impaired professional analysts. We provide a comprehensive report detailing non-compliant pages within the website, as well as the specific violations and corrective actions for each page.

We will then provide a proposal to bring the site into compliance.

2. Remediation

Our development team performs a page-by-page analysis of the issues present on every page in your website and then performs the programming, design, and copywriting work necessary to bring your website into compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards. Once completed, we will provide a post-remediation report to provide assurance that all out of compliance issues have been addressed.

3. On-going ADA Compliance Management

After we bring your website into compliance, each change that you make to your website should be analyzed to ensure that the changes meet WCAG standards. We can provide on-going analysis and proactive remediation of your website on a monthly basis to ensure that your site remains in compliance with current WCAG standards.

Website Quality Management

Maintaining website compliance with ADA accessibility standards is an on-going process that requires a thorough understanding WCAG 2.1 standards and how to implement them through programming, design, and copywriting. Each change made to a website, including even adding new graphics or promotions, can make a website non-compliant. To keep websites compliant and functioning optimally, InetSolution provides a comprehensive website quality management service:

Our full service WRRS Snapshot + Accessibility & Quality Compliance Scanning keeps your website compliant and error free. The service includes:

  • WCAG Accessibility compliance (levels 2.1 A, AA)
  • Capture a daily, weekly, or monthly snapshot of each page on the website for record retention compliance
  • PDF Accessibility checking
  • Broken link checking
  • Browser compatibility checks
  • Spell checking
  • SEO best practices checking against Google standards
  • US Privacy compliance checks
  • Proactive analysis and correction by InetSolution experts for issues discovered

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