WordPress Hosting for Banks and Credit Unions

Specially hardened hosting for banks and credit unions using WordPress

Many banks and credit unions have websites running on WordPress. Due to the high attack rate and limited built-in security features of WordPress, financial institutions need specialized hosting to mitigate the risks inherent in running a WordPress website. We've developed a unique WordPress hosting configuration that significantly reduces the risk for a bank or credit union with a WordPress website.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Tech Specs

Monitoring 24/7
Support Complete stack and WordPress core management, as well as development & design support
  • Hardware firewalls with stateful packet inspection to limit inbound connections to the absolute minimum ports necessary 
  • Rigorous Patch Management
  • Intrusion Prevention System to identify and block common WordPress exploit attempts
  • WordPress hardening to minimize the attack surface and reduce threats
Stack LAMP, WAMP, or WIMP stacks

Developing a New Website?

We'll give you a place to test your code, work out your bugs, and show it off. Just let us know that you also need a staging server when you talk to us about your production site hosting.

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