PharmProof™ Pharming Detection System

Automate the process of detecting pharming sites that hackers use to lure customers into divulging PII

How does PharmProof work?

When hackers clone a page on your website by copying your website's HTML code, our system will detect that your website's code is running on a fake URL (i.e., pharmed URL) and send you an immediate email notification so you can take action to alert your customers.

PharmProof Audit Trail

Each time someone visits a pharmed URL, PharmProof records data in an audit log that can help bank and credit union cybersecurity specialists to identify customers or members who fell victim to the pharming attack.

The audit log can also help to identify the scope of the attack, including its start date, the number of unique victims, and when each victim was attacked.

What are the requirements?

PharmProof works with any website, including WordPress, Kentico, SiteCore, SiteFinity, static HTML, and even custom content management systems.

Your website must use a valid SSL certificate (i.e., https:// prefix).

How much does it cost?



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How long does a bank need to keep a historical archives of its website?

Banks and credit unions must keep historical archives of their websites for at least 2 years to meet Regulation DD TISA requirements

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) states:

Record retention provisions apply to electronic delivery of disclosures to the same extent required for non-electronic delivery of information. For example, if the web site contains an advertisement, the same record retention provisions that apply to paper-based or other types of advertisements apply1. Copies of such advertisements should be retained for the time period set out in the relevant regulation. Retention of electronic copies is acceptable.

From Guidance on Electronic Financial Services and Consumer Compliance

1 AdvisX Risk Management's Record Retention Schedule for Banks states that copies of advertisements must be retained for two years.

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