Website Record Retention Service

Automated website record retention archiving for RESPA, Reg Z, and Reg DD compliance

How does it work?

Our service will crawl your website every day and capture a screenshot of every published web page. We will store a screenshot and the HTML code of every page on your website for up to two years for you to meet Reg Z, DD, and RESPA record retention compliance.

Record Retention zip and files screenshot

What is the benefit?

Banks and credit unions must keep copies of their website content for up to two years. Manually recording website changes in spreadsheets or network folders is time consuming and frustrating. Our service saves you time and ensures that you have a comprehensive visual record of your website for a given month and year.

What are the requirements?

You do not need any special software and your website can run on any hardware/CMS solution.

The service works best when your website has a Google XML Site Map but it can also crawl your website to follow HTML links to other pages in your website.

How much does it cost?

Daily Website Screenshot Capture
Includes 30 day retention
per month
Add 2 Year Archive Storage
Securely archived on our servers
per month

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Do I need to retain records of my website's contents?

The short answer: Yes, for a minimum of 2 years to meet Reg. DD TISA requirements

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) states:

Record retention provisions apply to electronic delivery of disclosures to the same extent required for non-electronic delivery of information. For example, if the web site contains an advertisement, the same record retention provisions that apply to paper-based or other types of advertisements apply1. Copies of such advertisements should be retained for the time period set out in the relevant regulation. Retention of electronic copies is acceptable.

From Guidance on Electronic Financial Services and Consumer Compliance

1 AdvisX Risk Management's Record Retention Schedule for Banks states that copies of advertisements must be retained for 2 years.

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