"Not only is InetSolution the most competent and reliable company to work with, they hire the best people on earth."

Who Is InetSolution

Hiring the best web development & hosting team is not a technology decision, but rather it is a process to find people who have built reliable processes to design and implement solutions that achieve technical excellence. You should seek people whose skill and knowledge are among the top 10% in their field, and whose desire to serve others is a defining characteristic. At InetSolution, we hire only those people, so we've done the hard part for you.

Quick Facts

  • Focus: Website and web application development, hosting, and management for U.S. banks and credit unions
  • Year Founded: 1998
  • Clients Served Since 1998: 200+
  • Hosting Locations: 4
  • Headquarters: Troy, Michigan, United States
  • Key Products developed by InetSolution:

What We Do

InetSolution has been at the forefront of developing & hosting secure websites and transactional web applications for over 22 years. Our expertise is in creating web-based technology for financial institutions that require a high degree of security, performance, reliability, and longevity. 

We believe in investing wisely in design and architecture that reduces failure points, both in processes and software, to ensure that systems are can deliver 100% uptime, provide a decade or more of service, and have a total cost of ownership that is among the lowest in the industry.

We work diligently to prevent the accumulation of technical debt in the systems that we create and work hand-in-hand with our clients to share our methods for achieving excellence in website & software design and implementation.

Work with the Best, Anywhere, Anytime

Long before Covid-19 (think early 2000s), InetSolution mastered the art of working remotely. Geography is not a barrier for intelligent, motivated people to do good work together. From our beginning, we designed our processes and a culture that embraced remote working within our team, but also with our clients and partners throughout the United States.

In 2020, thousands of our clients became equipped, some for the first time, to work efficiently from anywhere in the world. We will work with clients anywhere in the world. We have a mastery of digital collaboration to ensure that distance is never a barrier to accomplishing big goals.

You now know a little about us, but we would love for you to be able to put faces to our names. Let's have a conversation, whether it's by telephone, Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, WebEx, or any other system you're comfortable with. Fill out the form on this page and we will start a conversation.


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