A Security Framework for Online Banking and Secure Web Applications

Simple Integration

MemberProtect is designed for professional programmers to easily integrate into secure online systems, such as ACH, Online Banking, and wire transfer applications.

7,000 Hours of Development

MemberProtect is the most trusted user authentication, data encryption, and user management framework in the banking and credit union industries today.

User Authentication

Based on roles & privileges model. Supports millions of users and organizations. Extremely granular application security.

Data Encryption

Powerful encryption that secures databases at the column level. Encrypt email messages and flat files stored anywhere on your network. Thorough logging, even failed attempts, of all data access.

Unparalleled Protection

Protect member data from hackers & unauthorized staff, even beyond the limitations of firewalls, SSL, and operating systems.

Account Aggregation

Leverage MemberProtect to develop secure connections with third-party APIs.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Access to any web-based system, including support for LDAP.

Member Profiling

Store hundreds of attributes and preferences for each user to allow in-depth CRM & MRM.


Provides a full record of every activity users perform on your system.

Consolidate Usernames

Reduce support costs and simplify use of disparate online services.

Where MemberProtect Adds Value

Creating online banking applications using ASP or ASP.Net that require multi-factor authentication, extensive logging, audit-trail, data encryption, and scalability to millions of users

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