Managed Network and Perimeter Security Outsourcing

Put our experts to work managing your perimeter security

Managed Firewall & Gateway

Banks, credit unions, and businesses that handle sensitive customer information can benefit from outsourcing design, installation, management, and monitoring of their firewalls and external gateways to the internet to the InetSolution team. No matter where in the United States your business has locations, we can manage all aspects of your firewalls and gateway security, and for a much lower cost than on-site staff. Free your I.T. staff to focus on internal infrastructure and support while we protect your network from threats inside and outside.

Data Loss Prevention

Through comprehensive 24/7 monitoring and sophisticated forensic analysis of all traffic passing through your gateway, we can help mitigate the risk of data theft, corporate espionage, and accidental data leakage. We can protect data from being leaked through email, web-based file sharing, FTP, and most other methods of network data transfer, including:

  • Personnel records
  • Customer personal information
  • Medical records
  • Customer lists
  • Engineering drawings

Managed Secure File Transfer

For organizations that cannot use cloud-based file sharing systems for exchanging sensitive data with customers, business partners, vendors, and consultants, we provide an enterprise solution deployed inside of your internal or virtual private network to allow HTTPS-based file transfer between your employees and any internal or external parties that you wish to exchange sensitive data with. Based on our popular Delivered Secure platform, this solution provides you with the same features as a cloud-based system, but puts you in full control of the storage and infrastructure.

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