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Failover or Disaster Recovery Sites on a Budget for Banks and Credit Unions

Posted by Jason Sherrill

Banks and credit unions should plan ahead for a fast and efficient response if their main website is ever hacked or defaced in any way. One key preparation step is to have a failover or disaster recovery website that is always online, free from infection of any malicious code, and ready to replace the main website temporarily. Unfortunately, not all content management systems or website platforms allow for multi-server web farms or geographically distributed systems. Even when the platform does support it, not all banks and credit unions can afford the costs. Let's look at a way that banks and credit unions can do failover on a budget.

Stop Using This Word To Refer to Talented Human Beings

Posted by Jason Sherrill

There are a few terms that people commonly use in corporate America today that make employees feel more like machines than talented souls with the capability to deliver meaningful work and positive customer interactions. Managers often use one of these words frequently and casually without knowing that it invokes cringes and barely discerinble muttering form the most talented people in the room.

Upgrade Your Website CMS to Meet New FFIEC Guidelines with Multi-Factor Authentication

Posted by Matt Davis

The latest FFIEC security guidelines recommend that financial institutions add multi-factor authentication (MFA) to all Internet systems, including website content management systems. Most website content management systems do not yet provide multi-factor authentication, but we have a solution for that.

Usability Tip: Use Consistent Terminology That Users Understand

Posted by Jason Sherrill

In this video post, I share advice that is applicable to all websites, but is a topic that we encounter frequently on bank and credit union websites and nearly always have to address. Fixing usually takes just a few minutes and will make your website easier to use and support for your customers.

Plan for Browser Obsolescence to Keep Moving Forward

Posted by Jason Sherrill

It’s 2015 and many banks and credit unions are still spending time and money supporting Internet Explorer 7 and 8 while simultaneously trying to move forward building modern responsive websites optimized to take advantage of current desktop and mobile technologies. How should a bank or credit union determine when to stop officially supporting old browser versions on their websites?

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