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Delivered Secure v4.0 Brings New Drop Off Feature and Security Enhancements

Delivered Secure, our secure messaging and document delivery solution for banks, credit unions, and anyone else who wants to safely send messages and files, is getting a much requested new feature, and some security improvements. The new Drop Off feature will be especially useful for loan officers in banks and credit unions.

Drop Offs Make Getting Files Easier from Infrequent Senders

In the past, only registered users could send documents through Delivered Secure. This approach made exchanging files safer by removing the risk of anonymous users uploading files, but also created extra work for those infrequent outside senders.

Drop Offs make receiving files simple. Now, instead of repeatedly setting up Delivered Secure logons for those infrequent senders, admins and employees can create Drop Offs. Delivered Secure emails a link to your sender that she can use to upload files to you. The whole process takes just seconds.

Remember Me is Changing

We’ve disabled the Remember Me function by default now.

We know this won’t be a popular decision. In fact, more than half of Delivered Secure users take advantage of Remember Me. While this is super convenient feature, it is also a security concern that keeps us up at night.

For those who don’t want to give up the convenience of Remember Me, we have given administrators the option to enable this feature. This will let you decide just how secure your file exchange system is, and let us sleep better at night.

Long Pass Phrase Support

With all the computing power available to hackers today, using long, complex passwords is a key aspect of good security. We’ve increased the maximum password length up to 100 characters. You now have no excuse to use wimpy, easy to crack six character passwords (yes, we’ll still let you, but for the sake of your sensitive data, don’t do it).

Don’t delay, logon and create a long pass phrase, something like “PickingTURNIPSisafun##waytoSpendtheW33kends” which will take a really, really long time to crack. While you’re at it, enable Delivered Secure’s optional multi-factor authentication for the ultimate in protection of your files and messages.

Visit www.securefileexchange.com to instantly start a free trial.

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