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Kentico SEO Toolkit Makes Bulk Editing Page Titles and Descriptions Easier

Kentico makes editing page title and meta description tags easy, but if you're performing frequent editing of large numbers of pages as part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, then using the CMS user interface can be a slow process. We developed an SEO tool to make this easier for ourselves and this week we've decided to make it available for free to anyone using Kentico 9.

The purpose of our Kentico SEO Toolkit at this point is to simply make bulk editing of large numbers (10 or more pages, for example) much faster than performing those updates inside of the CMS. For any Kentico 9 website that has the REST API enabled, the SEO Toolkit will retrieve the page URL, title, and meta description value of every page in the website that you can view all on a single page. You can then edit each page title and description from this single page without having to wait for page reloads or having to navigate to each page individually.

We'd love to hear feedback and ideas to make the tool even better. Visit https://seotoolkit.inetsolution.com to request your free access code.

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