Website Checklist for Banks & Credit Unions

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Security Must-haves for a Bank or Credit Union Website

Financial institutions face unique requirements that many other businesses don't have to worry about when building websites. That's one of the key reasons to work with experts like us when planning and building your website. The following are must-have requirements for every financial institution website.

Strong Security

  • CMS must support long, complex pass phrases
  • Forced pass phrase expiration so that users change pass phrases regularly
  • Logon activity auditing for both success and failure
  • Hashing of all pass phrases (no plain text or reversible encryption)
  • Granular privilege assignment to limit CMS users to only the content they need to change
  • IP restriction to limit where users can connect from
  • Specialized managed hosting design specifically for financial institutions to minimize hacking risks

CMS Features

  • Easy for non-technical users to learn and use
  • Flexible enough for your web developers to be able to create the exact design and functionality you wish (the CMS should just be a tool, not a rigid jail for your website)
  • Automatic versioning to track all changes made to the website and allow easy comparison and rollback
  • Workflow management to allow for a review & approval cycle wherever needed in the website, if management or examiners require this of your institution
  • Build from scratch template support to allow your web designers to create any layout that you need to achieve your goals
  • Automatic scheduling for activating and deactivating promotions and other content on website to reduce workload on your staff

Design & Technology

  • Responsive design to provide an optimal user experience to everyone
  • Brand consistency across all media so that current and new customers immediately recognize your brand when they visit your website
  • Clean separation of the design layer and the business logic & data layers of the website to allow you to continue to keep the website looking modern without having to rewrite the entire website every few years
  • A CMS platform built with security as a main focus from the ground up. Avoid WordPress, Joomla, or other platforms that are highly desirable targets for hackers
  • Automate as much as possible to avoid duplication of content throughout your organization. For example, retrieve data, such as rates, from a central data source to eliminate the need to manually update rates in multiple systems
  • Funnel and conversion tracking so that you can measure website performance and track key performance indicators accurately.

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