The Best Content Management Systems for Banks

Not a programmer? That's ok, most of our clients aren't.

We have the privilege of working with hundreds of banks and credit unions to manage their websites, so it's fair to say we know how to make a bank website CMS (even WordPress) easy to use, secure, and simple to learn.

While every bank CMS has its strengths and weaknesses, there are a few important requirements for banks and credit unions to look for in a CMS:

  1. Easy to learn & use
  2. Responsive design for mobile friendly websites
  3. Strong security
  4. Flexibility to build your site your way
  5. Expert support
  6. Compliance simplification

1. Easy to Learn and Use CMS

We're not claiming to be super heroes, but we've taught people who have never used a CMS how to confidently manage complex websites using a CMS like WordPress, Kentico, and modern headless CMS tools. We have a proven training method that works for nearly anyone. Even if you're a novice, you'll be managing content on your website in under an hour. If you're a hardcore web developer, don't worry, we promise not to let the CMS handcuff you. We're hardcore developers ourselves and we never find our hands tied. Whether WordPress, Kentico, SiteFinity, or modern headless CMS tools, we leverage 25 years of experience to deliver effortless content management solutions.

2. Responsive Design for Mobile Friendly Websites

Most banks today are seeing anywhere between 25% to 60% of visits to their websites on mobile devices. Mobile traffic continues to climb. Your website needs to be mobile friendly and you need a CMS that makes it easy to manage your responsive website without requiring any extra effort to keep your site optimized for phones, tablets, desktops, and everything in between. Even if you don't know what "responsive" means yet, don't worry, we'll show you everything you need to know so that you're confident and capable to maintain an exceptional mobile optimized website.

3. Strong Security (even for WordPress)

Bank and credit union websites are attractive hacking targets. We have spent decades developing processes and tools to make CMS platforms like WordPress and Kentico achieve FDIC, NCUA and FFIEC security standards. We consider these the bare minimum requirements:

  • Multi-factor authentication for administrators
  • IP-restricted CMS access to limit who can even reach the login page
  • Long password/passphrase support with forced expiration thresholds
  • Automatic version control and change management workflow capabilities
  • Fine grained access control to limit users to only the content elements each user needs
  • SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, Brute Force Protection, and other common attack defenses built-in
  • Staging & production support to enable changes to be made and tested in staging before deployment

Before you choose a CMS platform, avail yourself of our knowledge so that you can make an informed decision. We will give you honest advice and it won't cost you a dime.

4. A CMS to Build Your Site Your Way

Being trapped in a rigid website platform that limits your ability to respond to market and customer needs is a situation you want to avoid. We've rescued countless banks and credit unions caught in this trap (we'll give you references so you can hear their stories first-hand), and we understand their pain.

You want a CMS platform that will let you build the exact online experience you want to deliver to your customers. Whether we are using simple platform like WordPress or a modern, sophisticated headless CMS like Kontent, five words we've never had to say to a client are, "your website can't do that."

5. Expert CMS Training and Support

Websites are the new Main Street for most banks and credit unions. More people visit your website on a daily basis than walk into all of your branches combined. When you need to ask a question about your website, you don't want to have to turn to community forums or outsourced tech support.

  • Telephone, email, and Zoom support by people you know
  • Design, programming, marketing, and hosting support all provided by InetSolution teams working together for the good of our customer
  • We not only respond to every support request, but whenever possible we also offer to teach you how we solved your need so that you can learn from us

6. Compliance Made Easy

We know what compliance examiners expect from a best-in-class content management system and how to make them happy. A few of the features that will satisfy your risk officers and compliance examiners include:

  • Full change auditing of all content in the website
  • Granular permissions to control precisely what users are able to edit
  • Review & approval workflow capabilities that we can customize to meet your exact needs
  • MemberProtect strong encryption for user data collected through forms on the website
  • Multi-factor authentication to mitigate the risk of compromised user credentials
  • to capture snaphots of every page in your website and safely retain an archive for two years

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